Remove Background From Images Easily With Clipping Magic

Want to remove the background from an image and just focus on the subject? That’s easy, just Photoshop it. Don’t know Photoshop? Well, that’s a problem now, isn’t it? Not with Clipping Magic, it’s not. In fact, by the end of this post, some of us who know Photoshop may even opt to use Clipping Magic instead.

Clipping Magic is an alpha-stage, free online tool which helps you to easily remove background from images. If you’re struggling with the lasso tool on Adobe Photoshop, you should definitely try this to ease your life.

To start, browse to Clipping Magic and choose an image file that you want to work on. Depending on the image size, you may need to wait a few minutes.

You will now see two copies of your image: one is the ‘Original+Mask’ image and another is the ‘Result Preview’ image.